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Solar Street Light Manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh

Sk Enterprises is well-known brand name as solar street light manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh. When it comes to safety of society, street, or the entire city, street light comes to play a vital role. And, when it comes to provides security on an eco-friendly way, Solar street lights play even a greater role. Amid the threats of theft, snatching, and other crime at night, installing solar street light systems has become a priority. It provides a number of benefits. It not just promotes the safety and security to drivers, riders, and pedestrians, but also increases the quality of life by artificially extending the working hours at night.

Manufacturer of Integrated Solar Street Light

Keeping that in mind, Sk Enterprises has come forward to manufacturing and supplying highly standard, guaranteed and affordable solar street lights in Madhya Pradesh. As a leading solar street light Manufacturer in India, we provide a wide range of solar light systems and contribute to illumine the entire state. Our solar light systems consume no energy, so no need of paying electricity bill. They require less maintenance and are easy to install. For more information about our products, fell free to contact us.

Solar Street Light Manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh

Approx Price: Rs 6,000 /Piece(s).
Requirements : Solar panels,Led Light,Rechargeable Battery,Controller,Pole
Features: Cost and Energy Saving, Environmental friendly, Low power consumption,
No UV radiation, Quick turn on and off, Long Lasting, Work Under Low-voltage
and Low-Heat, Safe and Reliable
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